Check out Chris' New Book!

Check out Chris’ New Book!

Have you read the first book?

Have you read the first book?


The Well-Spoken Woman Speaks Out will guide any woman who wants her words to matter, who wants to ensure she is truly heard, and who seeks to motivate and impact others.

This book will help you raise your voice to drive change.

One talk.
One interview.
One meeting.
One debate.
One presentation.
One speech at a time.

Build Your Skills

In this transformational time, everyone is asking themselves how can they contribute to change.  Learn how you can add your voice to the collective chorus.

  • Understand how others see you with the Self-Awareness Quotient tool
  • Share your narrative so people know why you care
  • Credential yourself to be taken seriously
  • Make preparation your queen

Claim Your Power

Pushing for change means encountering resistance or worse.  Chris shares tactics for how to deal with the barriers that can undermine your credibility or shake your confidence.  

  • Read the room for bias
  • Handle toxic people and toxic tactics
  • Deal with anxiety triggers
  • Stand up for yourself

The Well-Spoken Woman Speaks Out will guide any woman who wants her words to matter, who wants to ensure she is truly heard, and who seeks to motivate and impact others.

“When women are stepping up to the plate to lead, run for office, and basically save our democracy, communicating effectively is not just important, it is essential. Chris has helped me organize my thoughts into a clear framework in order to be as persuasive as possible. She can do for you what she has done for me—take the anxiety out of public speaking and help you present your message in a compelling way.” — Andrea Dew Steele, President, Emerge America

“(This) new book provides women activists, future political candidates and officeholders the critical and practical tools they need to ensure that their voices are heard and taken seriously.”  — Debbie Walsh, Director, Center for American Women and Politics

“A fantastic guidebook for any woman who is ready to stand up and raise her voice in pursuit of change and progress.”  — Gina M. Raimondo, governor of Rhode Island

“At a time of major social, economic, and cultural disruption – a time when the truth itself is under siege – we need this book.” — Julie Burton, President, Women’s Media Center

“Chris… deftly catalogues the obstacles and opportunities women face in a sometimes-hostile environment—and lays out clear guidelines to excel in any situation.” — Thea Mei Lee, President, Economic Policy Institute

“Since it was published, I’ve enthusiastically given away countless copies of The Well-Spoken Woman… (Chris’) new book is the update we all need… it will inspire countless women, the same way Chris has inspired me.” — Barbara Lee, President & Founder, Barbara Lee Family Foundation

“This book is filled with practical wisdom, exercises, and exactly the right advice to help you overcome barriers to becoming a welcome, passionate, effective speaker.”
— Gloria Steinem

Tips and strategies to project your best self and earn the respect you deserve.

In her first book, Chris showcases women who’ve used their voices to create change, ignite imaginations, coach teams to victory, and advocate for justice. The insights and practical pointers will help you present your best self.

The Techniques of Successful Women: How Did She Do It? What Can I Learn From Her?

  • Project podium presence like Hillary Clinton
  • Tell a story like Maya Angelou
  • Present your best self like former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi
  • Overcome the imposter syndrome like Tina Fey
  • Advocate for a cause like Melinda Gates
  • Be diplomatic like Madeleine Albright
  • Conquer the camera like Suzy Orman
  • Use humor like former Governor Ann Richards

  “From the time when women speakers were pummeled with rotten tomatoes up until today, relatively few women have succeeded in the public sphere.  The Well-Spoken Woman, cleverly and brilliantly, helps women find their own out-front voice.  Chris Jahnke has provided women a great service.” — Joan Wages, President & CEO, National Women’s History Museum

“We’ve all gotten advice from friends and colleagues about how to speak in public settings. All that well-intended advice doesn’t hold a candle to the fabulous guidance offered by Chris Jahnke.  This is a great “how to do it well’ manual… I want this book with me wherever I go – a great resource and how nice to be in the company of Maya Angelou, Ann Richards, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Jordan!” — Donna Stark, Vice President, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

“This book is a great resource for every woman who wants to make her voice heard: proven techniques, real life examples, and helpful tips on how to make the most of every presentation – from school seminars and business meetings to local political campaigns and nationally televised debates.  Brava, Chris!” — Ann F. Lewis, Former White House Director of Communications    

“I wish I had owned a copy of The Well-Spoken Woman before I first stepped up to a microphone. Decisions look different when there’s a woman at the table, but we have to get there first – and Jahnke has a keen sense of what it truly takes for any woman to transform her ambitions into real-world success.” — Bev Perdue, former Governor of North Carolina

As a young kid just getting started in Washington I watched Jahnke work her magic on women politicians. And, all these years later I still find myself turning instinctively to the advice she gave those women for myself. This book is about more than just quick ‘tips’. Jahnke encourages the reader to see public speaking as a natural extension of yourself instead of an artificial add-on.” — Amy Walter, TV Commentator & Political Analyst