Four Ways Certainty, Conviction and Anger Can Power Your Voice

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was subjected to the same double-standards Anita Hill dealt with in eerily similar circumstance: both were expected to be pleasing while their abusers felt free to let their anger fly.

Women who speak truth to power often face intense scrutiny and pressure to conform to expectations. Yet, knowing full well what they would face, Blasey Ford and Hill still came forward. Sitting on the sidelines or keeping quiet were not options. A strong motivating force, a sense of obligation or “civic duty,” propelled them to speak out.

You likely feel the same way about your advocacy work—and that’s good, because that inner motivation can drive you forward. You can use it to speak out for what you believe in and to push back against bias, exploitation and hate.

Here are some core principles to guide your way.

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Photo Credit: United States Senate cameras. From Official YouTube channel for US Senator Dick Durbin., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons