Do Women Have to Talk Like Men to Be Taken Seriously? And Should They?

This female vocal coach teaches women how to talk without being called angry or shrill.

The balloons hadn’t even begun to drop after Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention this summer when pundits started scoring the way she sounded. There was Brit Hume of Fox News complaining about Clinton’s “not-so-attractive voice” and saying, “She tends to accelerate her delivery and speak louder and sterner.” There was New York Times columnist David Brooks demanding more “humanity” from the country’s first female presidential nominee: “She projects one emotional tone throughout, and it has a combative manner to it, and not a happy warrior manner.” Donald Trump himself took to Twitter to chastise Clinton’s “very average scream.” None of this would have come as a surprise to any woman who’s run for office. Read the full story here.

Photo Credit: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels