The Well-Spoken Women of 2013


Diana Nyad – World Record Long-Distance Swimmer

After swimming 53-hours nonstop from Cuba, Diana emerged from the ocean on a Key West beach with a message. The 64-year old summed up the three keys to her historic achievement by saying:  “One, never, ever give up. Two, you’re never too old to chase your dreams.  Three, it looks like a solitary sport, but it is a team.”

Debbie Sterling – Engineer & Founder of GoldieBlox

It used to be that girl toys were mostly pink princesses and tiaras. Enter –  GoldieBlox – the first ever engineering toy designed especially for girls.  It is the brainchild of a woman whose passion is hooking girls on science, technology, and math. Click here to watch Debbie share her story.  And, watch budding engineers in action here.

Brittney Griner – Phoenix Mercury All-Star

The WNBA rookie led her basketball team on the court.  And off, she had the courage to come out.  Brittney empathizes with gay teens who are bullied about their sexuality.  For years, she has endured racial and homophobic slurs and the name calling continues on Twitter and Instagram. Now, she’s inspiring others as a spokesperson for the It Gets Better Project and, as she says: “Being proud of who she is.”

Wendy Davis – Texas Governor Candidate

“I’m rising on the floor today to humbly give voice to thousands of Texans who have been ignored…”  Thirteen hours later after delivering a record-breaking filibuster, State Senator Davis had demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the women of Texas and the men who love them.  The unprecedented feat of endurance shows she has the right stuff.

Malala Yousufzai – Education Advocate

On her 16th birthday, Malala delivered her first public address at the United Nations since the Taliban tried to assassinate her and end her campaign to send girls to school.  The Nobel Peace Prize nominee continues her advocacy in her homeland of Pakistan and around the globe.  Read her memoir I Am Malala and visit: to learn about girl-centric approaches to creating a world where every girl reaches her full potential.    

Janet Yellen – Federal Reserve Chair Nominee

With her low-key style, Janet more than held her ground while being grilled by Senate Republicans who challenged her nomination to head one of the most important unelected offices.  The people who know better – over 350 economists – signed a letter to the President stating she’s the best person to take over the position which wields enormous influence  over the health and wealth of the nation, indeed the world.  When confirmed, Janet will bring much needed diversity to the top hierarchy of economic advisors. 

Alison Bechdel – American Cartoonist

Alison is the originator of the Bechdel test which has just been adopted by the Swedish Film Institute to add a gender bias rating to movies alongside the more familiar violence and profanity ratings. The Lord of Rings trilogy and the Star Wars series fail the test because they don’t meet the criteria of having two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. The gold standard – Thelma & Louise  – depicts two women who decide not to settle for less, instead choose to be free.

Amy Cuddy – Power Poser Extraordinaire

We all know that strong nonverbal skills can help you project with confidence before an audience.  Now, Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy reveals that what you do with your body before you hit the stage can determine whether or not you “wow” them.  Amy’s Ted Talk on the benefits of Power Posing is must see viewing for anyone but especially women who want to improve their public speaking skills click here.

Hillary Clinton – TBD

If “Wife, mom, lawyer, women and kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD…” weren’t enough, add anti-poaching advocate.  Hillary joined with Presidents of African nations and wildlife preservationists to announce a global effort to protect wild elephants from ivory traffickers.




There’s nothing these women can’t do!