The Well-Spoken Women of 2015



Here are standout media and public speaking performances from the Well-Spoken Women of 2015.  These role models will make you LOL, misty-eyed, and shout:  “Amen, sister!”

Photo Credit: Photo by christina-wocintechchat-com from unsplash


Misty Copeland – Principal Ballerina

At 13 years, Misty was told she was too old, her feet were wrong, body too heavy and she was living in a motel with mom and five siblings.

Today she is the first African-American promoted to the top job at the American Ballet Theatre. On The Diane Rehm Show, Misty pulls back the curtain on her ballet journey.

Melinda Gates – A Big Bettor

A  Forbes cover story declared that investing in women and girls is “the best idea in the world” to end global poverty.

At The Hollywood Reporter’s 100 Power Women event, Melinda said from what she’s witnessed in Africa “progress is so possible.”


Dr. Dee Boersma – Penguin Expert

2016 Indianapolis Prize for conservation nominee, Dee has devoted her life to studying Magellanic Penguins: “Once you fall in love with them it’s hard to leave them.”

These sentinels of the ocean help us understand the impacts of climate change and overfishing. Travel with Dee to the Galapagos Islands.


Jessica Mendoza – Baseball Analyst

Hell didn’t freeze over when two-time softball Olympian Jessica Mendoza entered the record books as the first woman to call a Major League Baseball playoff game.  In fact, Jessica’s performance “drew rave reviews.”

Catch her baseball acumen from the ESPN booth.


Laura Bates – Everyday Sexism Project

The Women’s Media Center honored Laura for her digital media project that shares everyday instances of sexism from women and girls ages 7 to 74.

In her Tedx Talk, Laura shares how she is making a fuss to stop the abuse.



Lilly Singh – YouTube Superwoman

“I know what it feels like not to laugh, I want to make people laugh.”  With over six million followers and a billion views, this millennial comedienne is succeeding.

In a MAKERS interview, Lilly says channeling her creativity into videos helps her cope with depression.


Reese Witherspoon – Producer & Actress

When Hollywood studio heads ignored her question about the paucity of complex women roles, Reese decided to follow her mom’s advice:  “If you want something done, honey, do it yourself.”

The result was Gone Girl and Wild the first films from her own production company. At the Glamour Women of the Year gala Reese exhorted the audience to be “a bit more ambitious.”

Kate McKinnon – AKA Angela Merkel

SNL star Kate hilariously channeled Angela Merkel’s reaction to being named TIME’s Person of the Year.

The impersonation of the German chancellor has been described as ” unhinged mania .” Kate’s Hillary is pretty good, too.



Hillary Clinton – Debate Crusher

At the last GOP debate there were nine candidates. That’s more than twice the total number of women who have ever participated in a presidential debate.

Hillary’s performances provide a master class on commanding the stage while handling bro-viators. Here’s how to ace a debate.