The Well-Spoken Women of 2016


Looking for inspiration? These women will bring you to your feet.

Hillary Clinton – The First

Post-Election Day, thousands of women say they have been inspired to run for office. Watch the first but not last woman candidate accept a major party presidential nomination.

Michelle Obama – Not Your Typical Political Speech
In New Hampshire, the First Lady’s strong emotional appeal to treat women and girls with dignity and respect resonated far beyond the campaign trail.

Samantha Bee – Calling Out the Coddlers
While many in the media industry promoted the Trump candidacy as entertainment, the late night host was a rare voice calling a demagogue a demagogue.


Elizabeth Warren – Be Willing to Consider the Unexpected

Senator Warren avoids clichéd advice in her commencement addressat Suffolk University in Boston. When life gives you lemons you don’t have to make lemonade: “You can always listen to Beyonce!”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – We are Better Off When We Are All Better Off
On World Humanitarian Day, the author who is a daughter of Nigerian refugees said it’s time to act on our humanity. To see injustice even when it doesn’t impact us directly and speak out.


Reshma Saujani – Closing the Bravery Deficit

At TED, the Girls Who Code founder asserts boys are being raised to be brave and girls to be perfect.  Reshma shares how her story of risk taking and failure led to an innovative movement.

Photo Credit: Photo by Dani Hart from Pexels